NYX vs Urban Decay Setting Sprays


The battle of the setting sprays this is my review of NYX vs Urban Decay.

Setting sprays work to pull your make up together and should prevent it from moving throughout the day. I would say these are good for if you’re doing a full face of make up on either a long/warmer day.

NYX Make Up Setting Spray 

Retailing at £7 at Boots for a 60ml bottle. This is available in the matte shine-free finish or the dewy finish glow. The one that I have is the matte finish.

I was keen to try this one as I had heard some good reviews and also the price makes it good value for money. This does actually come with a cap for the spray pump but I just couldn’t seem to find it today.

I find with this one it does help to complete the look but it doesn’t make my make up last as long as I would like it too. I also found there is a slight scent to it and you need to spray it a further distance away from your face. It also on rare occasions comes out in droplets rather than a mist (not ideal). This did help to mattify my face but it’s lasting power is not great. Perhaps this is better suited for use on a shorter day out.

Rating 6/10

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Retailing at £22 for 118ml this also comes in a convenient travel size of 30ml for £9 (also good if you are just looking to initially try it out). This has temperature control technology, which lowers the temperature of your make up to keep it in place.

This product really does help to extend the longevity of a full face of make up – it also dries quickly on the face once your first spray it.

One way that I would recommend using this is spraying it onto your sponge and then using your slightly damp sponge to apply foundation as this helps it to blend more easily and not look so heavy.

Another way is to give an eyeshadow brush a quick spritz before applying eyeshadow and it will make the colour pop.

Also, if there are any areas on your face that look cakey just give your sponge a quick spritz and lightly dab the impacted area.

This is my current go to setting spray.

Rating 8/10

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