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Sunday 24th July was the Big Blogger Expo held at the Danibus Hotel near Regents Park. I was excited about this event as it was my first ever blogger event. It was also great to go with my friend and fellow blogger Shannon (check her out at

First up was Bonnie Boo Gifts, a newly launched brand. Bonnie Boo Gifts feature hampers for newborn babies, which are all high quality and hand packed. This makes a great gift to give when you’re unsure of what to get and also a great gift to receive to receive a wider variety of products. Everything looked so cute on this stand.

Next up was Two Three. I loved how the name was inspired by the two sisters who founded the brand being the 2nd and 3rd out of 4 daughters. This is all about fashion for bold, confident women.


Jewellery Box

Jewellery Box was my favourite display, I loved how put together everything was and how the pieces all complemented each other. The jewellery is all either sterling silver or 9ct gold. Everything also appeared to be such good quality at affordable prices. I loved the tinkerbell necklace and all of the rings.



Juvadent offer high quality Botox and Dermal Fillers based in Chelsea, London. This was the first time I had heard of treatment for excessive under arm sweating, which given it lasts for about 8 months considering the winter months would only need to be done once a year.

Living Proof

This is a patented brand that features no silicone. The dry shampoo smelt amazing and makes the hair look straighter and tames frizz.


Dr Paw Paw

Having heard the name Dr Paw Paw before but with limited knowledge it was interesting to learn more about the products. Dr Paw Paw is a fragrance free balm that can be used for anything from cracked heels, for cheeks, flyaway hairs, for moisturising lips and so many other uses. Great for having a product on the go small enough for your bag.



Jody Belle

There were a wide range of outfits on view at a very popular stand, which are hand made in Spain. There was quite a buzz around this stand with excitement.


Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell

Heaven skincare are the inventors behind the bee venom mask. We were able to sample one of the cleansers called the cleanse and foam wash which smelt really fresh from the mandarin scents.


4 You By You

When I was a student I remember the times of being on a budget. Bringing beauty to students on a budget is such a great concept. Scott founded 4 you by you on his placement year I was so impressed by his passion and drive. This is a concept where it’s run by students for students. Learning about the different products from instant effects was great too as Scott was so informative. I was definitely interested in the instant lash which increases the thickness of lashes by up to 20%!


Brandbassador is all about creating a platform to engage with brands, which is invitation only. There are missions to be completed such as following brandbassador on twitter which add up to points and points equal perks. This stand also featured pieces from onepiece which focuses on slackwear great for lazy Sundays.


Borough Box

A London based company – Borough Box had a wide selection of hampers on view and with samples to taste. Everything seemed to be really good quality and these would make perfect gifts!


Big thank you to Lauren and Abi for organising and for all of the brands for taking the time to show us their great products!

Thanks for reading!



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