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I like to think I have a relatively healthy diet but I don’t hold myself back from treats. So I have those days where it starts with a chocolate bar which is followed by a packet of crisps and then heck I’ve started the spiral of being bad might as well have that takeaway fish and chips I was craving. We are all human after all and dark chocolate is supposedly good for you!

So April is all about pushing that diet towards the healthy side. Breakfast is all about fruit and fibre, porridge or greek yogurt topped with fruits.

Lunch is a variation of some form of meat and veg depending on what I have in the fridge.

Dinner is all about leaner meats and cutting back on the lasagne, sausage and mash. Instead opting for salmon and rice and edamame beans or sweet potato and Turkey steaks.

Of course this is all followed by a healthy amount of water consumed through the day (great for health and good skin!).

So here’s one of my easy lunch ideas which can also easily be a side dish for dinner as well.


So all this required was the below:

Couscous – 200g was plenty for four  lunch portions

Vegetable stock

Lemons, spring onions, cucumber, tomatoes, mushrooms, sunflower seeds

Cooked chicken pieces

After leaving the Couscous to soak in the vegetable stock I just quickly cook up the mushrooms and spring onions and add to the Couscous. I then added the other vegetables and sunflower seeds. With a good squeeze of fresh lemons I then just give it a good mix up. Great for packed lunches or for work served with a wedge of lime or lemon. I like to have this with a portion of mixed fruits and a yogurt.

Healthy balanced diet helps keep a healthy mind 🙂

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