Part 2 – Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui, Thailand 

After about an hour flight from Bangkok we landed in Koh Samui to begin our 3 night visit, which has to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing airports that I have ever been to.

For this trip we had actually booked via Airbnb an apartment at Replay, which was just a short 10 minute drive from the airport. Walking through the small airport we purchased the ‘limousine’ ride to Replay at one of the transport counters. This was actually a minibus at 200 baht.

Dropping our bags off at the apartment we walked on a rather precariously busy road down to fisherman’s village way where we found a laundry shop. We ended up paying about 160 baht for 4kg of washing, washed, ironed and folded by the next day. 

Having found our first beach in Thailand the view was incredible, it was also nice and peaceful. The water was absolutely crystal clear.




We decided to venture towards the north west of the island to Bang Por. The beach again was very relaxing with hardly anyone around. Enjoying yet another pad thai looking out over the beach from one of the many restaurants dotted around was lovely.


Awaiting the sunrise we found a bar towards the far left of the beach that played reggae music. Sunset (below) was beautiful and worth hanging around for.


Thai Experience

We found out about the Thai Experience on trip advisor where it was rated so highly we just had to try it for ourselves. This is a unique dining experience where you learn about Thai Culture whilst enjoying thai cuisine. Having booked in advance we were picked up in a minibus where we met some of the others on the trip. We reached the location towards the South-East of the island and were treated to cocktails. We also enjoyed the ice breaker of making a cocktail for the person to the left of you. All night the cocktails were included and free flowing from a choice of three delicious variations.

We learnt so much on the experience including how to order your food on level of spiciness in Thai. Below is a selection of the delicious food served – would recommend working up an appetite as everything is delicious. They are also very adaptive depending on your spice levels – it’s really up to you if you want to crank up the spiciness or not. We also met so many interesting people from Brazil to the US to Finland to Germany. The room is designed with a long dining table making it easy to meet new people. There were 22 people on our experience and Richard running the experience took several photos of our group at the end and kindly posted to facebook. Cannot recommend the experience enough – the plentiful drinks and food and the priceless opportunity to meet a range of people made this so worth it.


Fishermans Village Walking Market

I would also recommend the walking street market at Fisherman’s Village that happens every Friday night. Things got quite busy after 7pm. There was so many stands selling food to cosmetics to souvenirs. I would recommend the ribs served outside Squires Loft they are delicious. It did get really busy after 9pm but we really enjoyed the atmosphere.

A great place for drinks near Bophut beach is the Wharf. The atmosphere is really relaxed with bean bags. Although not the cheapest for drinks the view and the atmosphere made it worth it. It was also a great place to watch the sunset.




Having come from Bangkok the taxi prices were extortionate, we found we were getting charged 100 baht for a 5 minute journey. 

After a few taxi journeys we ended up using  songthaews, which although were still pricier than transport in Bangkok were easier to get around in. These are basically like pick up trucks with two rows of benches in the back. They do barter with you more than taxi drivers but will also ram the songthaew as physically full and more than it will go.

There are no designated bus stops, it is very much just flagging one down when you see one and ringing a bell when you want it to stop. They also tend to toot their horn when passing travellers to get their attention.


Koh Samui was a beautiful island to visit and I would definitely stop by again in future. We also went to Chaweng for a few hours to the North East of the island but we didn’t enjoy the busier atmosphere where it had clearly been much more heavily developed to cater for tourists.

Next in my mini series of Thailand Blogs will be Phuket.

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