Part 3 – Phuket, Thailand

Patong, Phuket

About a 1 hour flight from Koh Samui we landed at Phuket airport. Staying in Patong the taxi was about an hour charged at 800 baht.

Patong had a much more lively entertainment with bangla road being the go to place for drinks. In hindsight in future I would rather choose somewhere more relaxed. Aussie bar is a great bar in Bangla road though with a large upstairs with pool tables. Expect to pay about 300-500 baht for a bucket at a bar on this road.

Siam safari
Visiting a place that focuses on treating elephants well is hugely important to me. Having done a lot of research Siam Safari ticked the right boxes and is also highly rated on Trip Advisor! Having booked our 11.30 time slot in advance we were promptly picked up from our hotel and driven to the Siam safari location.

Firstly we were able to feed the elephants bananas, pineapples and sugar cane.
We were then treated to Thai coffee/tea and coconut pancakes (delicious).
We had a short ride on a buffalo cart before learning about different traditions such as making Thai curry and about rubber plants. We were also able to sample Thai curry.

The highlight for me had to be the elephant trek through a beautiful path where we could see out across phuket at a point we stopped on the way. We even saw an elephant pick up someone’s glasses they had dropped! This lasted about 45 minutes and was the end of the trip they do take a photo of you on the elephant to purchase at the end. Highly recommended and didn’t want to leave!


Malin Plaza food market
This was a great food market about 20 minute walk from Bangla road and open 2pm to 12am. Spoilt for choice with food and enjoyed the novel way of how they make ice cream rolls.
From pad Thai to offerings of crocodile on skewers to fresh fruit there is something for everyone here.  Made a visit here for a late night snack every night.



Pums cooking school
The Little shoes cooking course was booked in advance for before lunch.
Upon arriving at the restaurant we were warmly welcomed and not only did we learn dishes we chose ourselves from a book we also learnt about the spices. We also didn’t feel rushed at all when we sat down to enjoy what we cooked and we also got to keep a great little recipe book. Will have to try cooking pad Thai again sometime.


Sabai beach restaurant further down the right side of patong beach was also a great spot for dinner and watching sunset!


All in all Phuket was an interesting place to stop for 4 nights.

Next post will be Koh Phi Phi!

Thanks for reading!

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